In the Community

In September 2005, Doug returned to his alma mater, Annandale High School, where he spoke to Ms. Bentley’s business law classes. In addition to feeling very old after returning to his old school, Doug addressed issues pertaining to the law, including the process of becoming a lawyer, the many different legal career fields that can be pursued, and the role that the law plays in every aspect of society.

He had a wonderful time and is very appreciative to Ms. Bentley and her students for making his return to Annandale High School an enjoyable one.
Mr. Allston recently had the opportunity to teach a Continuing Legal Education class to approximately 50 members of the D.C. Bar on the issue of workers’ compensation.

If you would like Doug to speak to your class, group, or organization about issues pertaining to the law, please call him at (301) 220-1341.